10 New Homemade Birthday Banner With Letters

Birthday Bunting Banner Designs For 2020:

Let us explore some of the creative birthday banners for kids and adults, with pictures and details:

1. Aeroplane Birthday Banner:

Aeroplane Birthday Banner

If you are hosting a super-cool Aeroplane theme birthday party for your child, then check out this banner idea. The Aeroplane birthday banner comes as three layers of cards, each featuring an alphabet of “Happy Birthday” and the name of the person. The glossy cards are digitally printed in red and blue colors for an attractive look. The bunting is big enough to cover up your wall as a backdrop.

  • Birthday Year: Suitable for age groups 1-10
  • Gender: Boys
  • Placement: On the wall, door or entrance of the event

2. Dinosaur Birthday Banner:

Dinosaur Birthday Banner

If you are looking for a very differently made banner for your Dinosaur themed party, this one is a cool idea! This creative Dinosaur shaped bunting acts as an element of fun in your venue and earns you tons of appreciation. The head, body and tail of this creature are combined with letters from “Happy Birthday” phrase and strung together on a bunting thread. Notice the quirky A and P letters that resemble the Dino’s monstrous claws!

  • Birthday Year: Suitable for age groups 2-15
  • Gender: Baby Boys and Teenagers
  • Placement: As a backdrop of the table setup

3. Frozen Birthday Banner:

Frozen Birthday Banner

Invite Elsa, Anna and their entire team to your party with this beautiful Frozen themed birthday banner. The printed bunting features an icy blue color theme, along with the characters on either side. You can even get this personalized with your name, along with the letters from Happy Birthday. The medium-sized banner can either be used as a hanging or as a stick-on for the wall.

  • Birthday Year: 1st to 10th Birthdays
  • Gender: Girls
  • Placement: On the wall to support the backdrop

4. Monkey Banner For First Birthday:

Monkey Banner For First Birthday

If you are throwing a jungle themed birthday party for your one year, then add these cheeky monkeys to your décor. This trio of monkey hangs upside down from the “tree” to hold the letters of your little one’s age.The green color combo of the leaves in the background contrast the brown shades of the monkeys and the bright blue letterings. You can even get them customized to ages below 10.

  • Birthday Year: 1st Birthday
  • Gender: Baby Girls and Boys
  • Placement: On the wall or at the welcome point of the venue

5. Circus Theme Cloth Banner:

Circus Theme Cloth Banner

This fabric circus-themed banner is a great idea for birthday parties of children. This DIY handmade birthday banner is made with strips of different colored and printed fabrics to create this amazing design. In the center, you can have an embroidered or painted piece to hold the name, age or birthday message. The best part is, you can reuse this for future birthdays or even include it in your interior décor after the party is over!

  • Birthday Year: 1st– 12th Birthday
  • Gender: Girls and Boys
  • Placement: Tables, Walls, Chairs, Doors and Entrance

6. Beer Theme Banner For 50th Birthday:

Beer Theme Banner For 50th Birthday

Cheers and Beers to 50 Years! Ain’t this a crazy birthday banner for adults? If you are hosting a 50th birthday for your father, uncle or even your boss, there can no better way to do it than with this Beer theme. The quirkly black lettering features two frothy Beer Mugs on either ends to reveal the concept of the party. This banner idea can be customized to suit 40th, 60th birthdays as well.

  • Birthday Year: 50th Birthday
  • Gender: Men
  • Placement: On the wall or on the side of the main décor

7. Boho Chic Birthday Banner:

Boho Chic Birthday Banner

Check out this gorgeous birthday banner for young girls or even babies! The pastel-colored Boho Chic Bunting comes as a three layered bunting. While the top two layers feature the classic Bohemian colors and designs, the third layer holds the Happy Birthday letters in gold paint. You can use many of these banners and place them all around the room to bring in the Boho vibes!

  • Birthday Year: Suits all age groups. Colors can be customized
  • Gender: Babies, Girls and Women
  • Placement: Side walls, tables and main backdrop

8. Unicorn Birthday Banner:

Unicorn Birthday Banner

No Unicorn birthday party décor is complete without this soothing pastel colored bunting! The elegant Unicorn birthday banner is specially designed for older kids who have outgrown these themes, but their love for the mythical creative is still alive! This beautiful banner can be put on the walls or on the door of their rooms to give them a surprise they will never forget!

  • Birthday Year: 8th to 15th Birthdays
  • Gender: Girls and Early Teens
  • Placement: Walls and doors

9. Foil Balloon Birthday Banner:

Foil Balloon Birthday Banner

This multi-use banner is a great investment to make! The golden foil Happy Birthday letter banner can be used for celebrating birthdays of all age groups. From babies to adults, this bunting takes your décor to the next level with its 3D effect and golden shine. You can buy individual letters and form your own banner or use pre-made templates. Just get them home, blow some air and you are ready for the show!

  • Birthday Year: Suits all age groups
  • Gender: Babies, Boys, Girls, Men and Women
  • Placement: Walls, Doors and Backdrop

10. Rainbow Birthday Banner:

Rainbow Birthday Banner

Here is another reusable birthday banner for kids and adults. This rainbow-colored bunting is must-have for all your birthday parties in the future. It fits in very well with any theme or color palette of the décor. The use of felt cloth adds a matte finish to the banner and lends a classy appearance. From babies to boys and little girls to bearded men, anyone can try this idea!

  • Birthday Year: Suits all age groups
  • Gender: Babies, Boys, Girls, Men and Women
  • Placement: Doors, backdrop, walls and entrance points

Loved these beautiful birthday banners? Then go ahead and start shopping for them online or even make at home if you are creative! These ideas can be customized to suit different themes and color schemes on digital media. You can take a print out, cut and assemble them on a piece of rope. Adding a few more elements like feathers, cloth or paper cuttings in between the letters to showoff a never-before-seen banner in your birthday party!