Best Bright Summer Nail Art Ideas Gallery:

While there are several forms of nail arts available around the globe, these are the most simple, easy and cute summer nail art designs for this season. These are among best rated nail polish looks on the web right now. They are fun to do, and are quite pretty for the summer season, exclusively for all girls out there.

1. The Gorgeous Sun-Kissed Look:

Summer Nail Art Designs Sun
Summer Nail Art Designs Sun 1

When we think about the summer season, most often, all we can get into our mind is heatwaves, bad and humid temperatures and climatic conditions. But turn it on to your favour and flaunt in our style even at this time. Are you wondering how? Here is the idea! How about just shifting the focus from the hot and harmful sun to slaying it through your beautiful art? These sun art work ideas are all about love, beauty and creativity. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can easily choose the one you like based on colour and art, and opt for the nail design. What do you think?

2. Classic Summer Gels:

Summer Nail Art Designs Gel 1
Summer Nail Art Designs Gel

Are you a sucker for simple and yet elegant looks? Gels and the translucent nudes and pastels are the new love of the tinsel town. Here are a few of our favourite summer gel nail ideas. Now, besides applying a transparent gel for the warm summer climate, you can even go ahead with minimal art or attachments such as tiny blings and stones. These surely are going to appeal and enhance the look to the whole new level.

3. Colourful Deserts and Beautiful Cactuses:

Summer Nail Art Designs Desert Tree
Summer Nail Art Designs Desert Tree 1

Bright and natural looks are all about the season now. It is the new trend, and of course, we want to flaunt it out loud. Here are two options for such choices. Depending on your personal colour choices and preferences, these two deserts themed nail arts we love. Given that deserts are all about dry climates, cactuses and busy surroundings, these designs are quite successful in depicting them in the most beautiful and feminine way.

4. Beach Vibed Pearl Shades:

Summer Nail Art Designs Pearls 1
Summer Nail Art Designs Pearls

In the age of pastels, flares and earthy tones, we have often forgotten the most classy pearl shaded paint. Here is the one such beautiful, timeless and simple look in the most vintage way. If you love to be sun-kissed, head out for a beach vacation and get tanned, these pearl nail paints are a new style. They surely are going to remain neutral while yet providing you with the easiest and straightforward looks. These summer nail art designs are best suited for short nails.

5. The 70s Flares and Ombres:

Summer Nail Art Designs Ombre
Summer Nail Art Designs Ombre 1

Ombre nails are a new style. Be it a mix of colours with different nails or transition of colours; they surely are going to steal everyone’s looks towards you. With the stunning sun gazes during summer, the ombre nail designs with baby blues, whites, pinks, lavenders and pastels are going to remain timeless for generations to come. These nail art summer designs have stood the test of time and aren’t going anywhere, so why to wait, this is a must-try for all girls! These are better with long nails.

6. Beach and Vacation Special:

Summer Nail Art Designs Beach
Summer Nail Art Designs Beach 1

The most common holiday destination for several young girls out there in summers is beaches. Forget about humidity and heat, beach places, and vacations surely stand out to be the hottest choice for the new-millennium generation for several apparent reasons. But forget not, you must not forget to get prepped in your mani’s and nail arts too at these times. Flaunt in our summer-ready looks with these beach-inspired summer holiday nail art designs. From deep water diving to sandstones to waters, these nail art looks are a great inspiration.

7. The Watermelon Style:

Summer Nail Art Designs Watermelon
Summer Nail Art Designs Watermelon 1

The most favourite summer fruit for many of us remains to be watermelon. Why not replicate our choice and favouritism in the form of creative art and beauty looks? Here is the inspiration that you all need. The colourful watermelon nail art is something that will remain to be forever cute and lovely. Girls of all ages, from kids to young aged women, can try it out, and this is going to remain quite relevant for the summers to come!

8. Time and Tides Captured:

Summer Nail Art Designs Beach Water
Summer Nail Art Designs Beach Water 1

If you are wondering why we are here yet again with beach, well, the list of features and beauty surrounded with this is endless. Here we captured the designs with beautiful waves and creatures near the shores. For those who want elegant and tranquil looks, embedded with the most serene art, this can be the go-to choice! What do you think?

9. Summer Ready Toes:

Summer Nail Art Designs Toe 1
Summer Nail Art Designs Toe

Don’t worry; we are here with nail art inspiration ideas for toenails too. Be it the case of a most simple look, or a most outstanding colourful and bright idea, these toenail feet designs and art are going to stand out as a favourite to many women here. They are easy to do, and yet look most classic and straightforward. Go on with earthy colours or forever favourite nudes and pure blacks. However, the summer nail idea is no less than a timeless design here.

10. Glitters and Golds:

Summer Nail Art Designs Glitter
Summer Nail Art Designs 1 Glitter

The glitter designs are back in the fashion town now. While most of us have seen them disappeared from a scenario in the last decade, today, we see most girls preferring the sizzling and dazzling bold looks. If you are someone who prefers such ideas and wants a trendy and contemporary fashion statement kind of art design, nothing can be better than these summer acrylic nails. All bold and confident women should not miss these out.

11. Flowers and Blossoms:

Summer Nail Art Designs Flower
Summer Nail Art Designs Flower 1

All those who love flowers, blossoms, natural surroundings, and nature as such, here is the idea for you guys. The warm climate only makes our mood swings up and down, and the beautiful nature often comes out from its nest to cheer us up. Here, these summer flower nail art designs have only taken inspiration from such moods and natural looks and created these fantastic ideas. We are in absolute awe with the colours too, what do you think?

12. French Summers and Beauty:

Summer Nail Art Designs Holiday
Summer Nail Art Designs Holiday 1

The beautiful Frenchsummers, charismatic countryside, and natural bliss is something which cannot be explained in simple words. Those who love poetry can connect to it very well, and for all those young romantic women who are looking for such paradise, here are the gorgeous nail designs. These areas colourful as they can get, depict the world-view of beauty and romance in summers, and quite successfully capture the mild and hidden moments in this season.

Additional Tips:

Well, while we have come across the most beautiful and simple nail art designs this season, we also must know how to maintain them for best looks and beauty. Here are a few tips,

  1. Always keep fingernails clean and bright. Make sure they are not dirty, which can spoil the nails and skin around them.
  2. Manicure once a month is most recommended for those who prefer to have beautiful and gorgeous nails.
  3. Use a moisturizer on nails as well. Rub around nails and cuticles for best-hydrated skin.
  4. Trim and shape the nails as and when they grow. Do not ignore, as they can lead to damage.

With these fantastic and yet simple, easy summer nail art designs, we hope you have found your favourite design and idea here. They are among the most trending and searched on the web and surely fit in well with the season’s demands and features. Let us know your thoughts too, and we love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can you do nail art with regular nail polish?

Ans: Yes, you can very well go ahead with nail art smoothly through nail polish. You can do these beautiful nail designs for summer yourself at home or with the help of a professional. They are quite easy, and most of this art fits in well, even for beginners. Other possible ideas for doing this art include nail stamping and stickers.

Q2. How many coats are required for the perfect finish?

Ans: Generally, 2 to 3 coats are well enough for a perfect finish. Make sure that you let the paint dry thoroughly before applying another coat.

Q3. What is the difference between nail polish and nail lacquer?

Ans: Nail polish is something that makes the nails look attractive. It is associated with beauty. Nail lacquer, on the other hand, is all about the protection of nails. Nail polishes come in several shades and colours when compared to lacquer.

Q4. Can we do summer nail designs for kids?

Ans: Yes, you can go ahead with doing these ideas even for kids and younger age group children. They would surely love fun and vibrant designs.

Q5. What are the most common summer colours for nail art looks?

Ans: The most common art designs in this season include red, blue, white, hot pink, green and pastels. The nail designs with these colours will surely look outstanding!