21 Best Blouse Design images in 2020 | Different Sleeve Structures

Which Blouse Is Right For Your Saree?

While there is no hard and fast rule that a blouse has to be worn only with a particular saree, following these tips can clear up the confusion and help you choose the perfect match:

  • Plain Sarees: You can match them with plain blouses, printed, embroidery and literally any type pf blouse with them.
  • Printed Sarees: If you want a sober look, opt for plain blouse, else experiment with a print on print.
  • Transparent Sarees: Go for heavy fabrics like Banarasi, velvet, satin or cotton to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Heavy Sarees: You must choose matching fabrics like silk, Banaras or Raw silk to go along with it. Avoid lighter blouse fabrics.

Triangular Back Neck Designed Blouse:

Triangular back neck designed Blouse -33

Square and round neck are the oldest yet a most preferred neckline for the blouse. In this trendy world, designers have come up with other new neckline design for blouse one such design is Triangular neckline as the back neckline for the blouse. This type of blouse is a back open blouse. The blouse can be created without any design but women like to make it more attractive which is made from bead and stonework running around the neckline.

  • Blouse Design: Red Blouse With Embellished Triangle Back Neckline
  • Fabric Used: Silk
  • Can be Worn with: Heavy Netted Sarees, Brasso and Georgettes
  • Suitable Body Type: Broad Frames

Square Neck Blouse Design:

Square Neck Blouse design

The square neck is a simple yet eye-catching design which is leading in the list of the top most used blouse design. It goes well for any kind of built ladies. The square neck is highlighted by using lace, beads or lace material around the neck and hand region which enhances the outlook.

  • Blouse Design: Blue Blouse With Square Neck
  • Fabric Used: Banarasi Silk
  • Can be Worn with: Plain and Silk Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Medium busted, broad-shouldered women

Deep V-Neck Style Blouse Design:

Deep V-NEck blouse design -4

This type of blouse almost resembles a backless blouse. The V-neck design which flows down the waist region. Girls can flaunt their glossy back skin with a chiffon or georgette saree. This blouse is the best to wear for night parties and weddings.

  • Blouse Design: Printed Back Open Blouse With Deep “V”
  • Fabric Used: Cotton
  • Can be Worn with: Plain and printed sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Athletic

Plain Silver Colored Sequined U-Neck Blouse Design:

Plain Silver colored Sequined U-Neck Blouse design -3

Plain blouses always match well with any kind of saree to make it look more attractive plain blouse with sequenced work is more eye-catchy and shiny. The U neck pattern is a universal neck design which is liked by all age group women. This blouse can be paired with a simple silk saree or a net saree.

  • Blouse Design: Silver Blouse With U Neck
  • Fabric Used: Shimmer
  • Can be Worn with: Net, Plain and Printed Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Medium bust and broad-shouldered women

Princess-Cut Round Neck with Lace Blouse Design:

Princess Cut Round neck with lace blouse design -5

Princess cut is the most common cut given for blouses nowadays since the pointy cut design has been faded out due to that fact that it looks odd when worn with a synthetic saree. The princess cut follows the curvature of the chest and gives an elegant finish. To make it look more attractive golden or any coloured lace is attached around the hand and neck region.

  • Blouse Design: Red Princess Cut Blouse with Gold Piping
  • Fabric Used: Silk
  • Can be Worn with: Printed and Textured Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Small Bust, Broad Shoulders

Black Sequinned Halter Neck Blouse:

Black Sequinned Alter neck blouse -12

The black colour is a common colour which matches with any coloured saree or a plain white saree too. With this advantage, designers came up with a shiny material in black which is called as the sequinned material and to give an outstanding look to this glossy material, halter neck designed blouse pattern is sold in the market where the shoulders straps run around the neck giving a halter neck design. This kind of blouse is matched with a net saree or a lightweight saree.

  • Blouse Design: Black Sequin Blouse With Halter Neck
  • Fabric Used: Sequin
  • Can be Worn with: Plain, Sheer Sarees, Printed and Textured Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Athletic Frames

Raw Silk Boat Neck Blouse Design:

Raw silk Boat neck blouse design

Raw silk gives a shiny and attractive outlook which looks like a Kanchipuram silk material. Due to this grand look, the raw silk saree blouses are used during any festive or traditional occasion. Boat neck which covers the complete back which has shoulder straps slightly below the neck region giving a curved semi-circular shape which resembles a boat. A plain boat neck design adds beauty to a simple raw silk plain saree.

  • Blouse Design: Yellow 3/4th Sleeves Blouse With Boat Neck
  • Fabric Used: Georgette
  • Can be Worn with: Plain, Woven Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Voluptuous bodies

High Neck Velvet Blouse:

Another in the velvet list, this high neck blouse is basic in itself, but the velvet brings in the gloss. There is a deep slit, which will suit women who want to flaunt their toned body. You can wear this blouse best with designer sarees.

  • Blouse Design: Black High Neck Blouse With Deep V Cut
  • Fabric Used: Chinon
  • Can be Worn with: Flowing, Lightweight Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Long Neck and Broad Shouldered Women

High collar Halter Neck Blouse:

Just when you thought halter necks were out of fashion, here’s one with a twist. This blouse has a high collar alongside the halter neck, thus bringing together contemporary and urbane styles. Anyone who loves experimenting will fancy the look of the blouse right away.

  • Blouse Design: Red Halter Neck BlouseWith Front Collar
  • Fabric Used: Georgette
  • Can be Worn with: Shimmer Sarees and Flowing Nets
  • Suitable Body Type: Athletic Women

Slitted Back Neck  Blouse:

Slitted back neck Blouse -46

The slitted neck design is one of the simply designed blouses yet most appealing when worn. The slit is made in the centre of the back part of the blouse with the button attached on the top back of the blouse.

  • Blouse Design: Orange High Neck With Back Slit
  • Fabric Used: Cotton Silk
  • Can be Worn with: Light Silk Sarees, Printed Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim Bodies

Front and Back Neck Embroidery Blouse Design:

Front and back neck embroidery blouse design -17

The golden coloured blouse has become the most common and sold blouse which goes well with any coloured saree. This brocade material can b made more attractive by embroidery design with contrast thread and also with transparent material attached to the body and back part of the blouse material.

  • Blouse Design: Gold Collar Neck Blouse With Sheer Neck Panel
  • Fabric Used: Embroidered fabric
  • Can be Worn with: Plain Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Narrow, Athletic Frames

Ready-Made Round Neck Satin Blouse:

Readymade Roundneck Satin blouse -22

The readymade neck is the saviour for any kind of emergency condition where time plays the main role. A situation like the sudden plan for a wedding or a party, picking up a readymade blouse which does not have any button attachment rather just wearing it over the head is the best part of it. The plain satin blouses can be decorated using beads, gems at home.

  • Blouse Design: Brown Round necked Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Velvet
  • Can be Worn with: Printed and textured sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Medium busted women

Plain Deep Back Neck with Tassel Design:

Plain deep back neck with tassel design -35

Blouse with dori attachment is the most commonly seen blouse design nowadays. This dori not only showcases as a fashion design but also acts as the material which makes the blouse stand onto the shoulder without the risk of slipping away. To make the thread more attractive tassel is attached on the end of the thread. These tassels are a bunch of thread joined into one bunch of thread seen commonly on the edges of the saree around the hem lining.

  • Blouse Design: Black Deep Neck Sleeveless Blouse With Dori
  • Fabric Used: Cotton
  • Can be Worn with: Netted Sarees, Slinky Chiffons
  • Suitable Body Type: Athletic Women

Contemporary Back Neck Designed with Straps:

Contemporary back neck designed with straps -36

As the name suggests Contemporary design brings us to think about creative designers work, yes it is indeed a creative design seen on the back neckline. Instead of the plain waist strap, a band of straps is seen running around the back neck region with a front opening design. The Strap has given the priority; thus the colour of this strapline is different and has a glittery outlook. This blouse can be long like a shirt or as a normal blouse.

  • Blouse Design: Heavy Designer Blouse With Back Fringes
  • Fabric Used: Heavy Georgette
  • Can be Worn with: Light Chiffons, Flowing Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Broad Frames

Netted Button Row Back Neck Sleeveless Blouse:

Netted button row back neck sleevless Blouse -37

This type of blouse comes under patchwork design seen on the back of the blouse. The patchwork material made from lace material which is attached to the lined body part of the blouse. To the patchwork material, the potli button is attached on the side of the blouse with small thread attached on another side which helps to button up.

  • Blouse Design: Navy Blue Sleeveless Blouse With Netted Button Panel
  • Fabric Used: Net
  • Can be Worn with: Flowing, lightweight sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Athletic figures

Sheer Neck Blouse:

This next one here has a high collar, while the neck area is sheer material. This is a good choice for glamorous parties that involve a lot of style statement in the first place. The saree choice for this blouse most certainly has to be designer or lace ones, so that the blouse draws just as much of the attention.

  • Blouse Design: Black Bustier Blouse With Sheer Neck Panel
  • Fabric Used: Net, Velvet
  • Can be Worn with: Chiffons
  • Suitable Body Type: Athletic Women

Low Neck Blouse:

Among blouse neck designs, this is probably your boldest choice on this list. This blouse is for women who are fond of net sarees and keep a toned figure for the same. To keep all eyes on you and be the talk of the town for the chic person that you are, this low cut blouse is your easy move.

  • Blouse Design: Black Sleeveless Blouse With Plunging Neckline
  • Fabric Used: Crepe
  • Can be Worn with: Net Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Heavy Busted Women

Off Shoulder Blouse:

Another common choice of neck designs for blouses, your tailor won’t be surprised if you take this design to him. It is quite the rage in the fashion industry right now and the off-shoulder thing works well with non-pleated sarees of all materials, from designer to lace and even the usual silk and cotton.

  • Blouse Design: Grey Off-shoulder Printed Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Georgette
  • Can be Worn with: Printed Chiffons
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite Frames

Broad Necked Blouse:

The U shaped blouse here has been modified for a broader necked look. You can also see a high neck collar, and these blouses are more commonly known as the air hostess type blouse. It has been popular for quite a while now.

  • Blouse Design: Banaras Princess Cut Blouse With High Neck
  • Fabric Used: Banaras
  • Can be Worn with: Plain and lightweight chiffons
  • Suitable Body Type: Medium Busted Women

Collar Neck Blouse Design:

Collar neck blouse design -9

Collar neck design gives a closed and a modest look. The collared neck is also designed which makes it look outstanding with a simple saree. This type of blouse has a semi-sleeved hand. The hands and waist region of the blouse also has a similar design as the collar neck. This type of blouse goes well with a raw silk saree.

  • Blouse Design: Red Open Collar Neck With Embroidery
  • Fabric Used: Art Silk
  • Can be Worn with: Silk Sarees. Plain and Netted Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Narrow Shoulders, Small Bust

Polka Dot Circular Peter Pan Collar Blouse Design:

Polka dot circular Peter pan collar blouse design -019

Polka dotted blouse is commonly used as a casual or a party wear blouse. To make it more jazzy and cool, designers came up with peter pan collared blouse with loose hanging design blouse which usually falls till the elbow level. The front body part follows the chest curvature due to the princess cut.

  • Blouse Design: Polka Dot Back Open Blouse With Peter Pan Collar
  • Fabric Used: Poly Cotton
  • Can be Worn with: Plain Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite, Small Busted Women