The bridal and wedding hairstyles can make or break the look, and we all want to look perfect – with complementing hairstyles for our outfits. Receptions, the last festivities for the bride, are often fun part and you can make the best out of these Indian reception hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Indian Bride with Images :

1. The Messy Thick Pony:

The Messy Thick Pony

If you have good thick and dense hair and are looking to flaunt in your beautiful hair texture, why not try this lovely hairstyle out? With the messy braid near the crown area and dense wavy texture beneath, we quite love how this appears overall. Be it for ethnic wear and Indian dresses, or even western party wear reception looks, this hairstyle and makeover can be apt

  • Women with oval and diamond face shape can try this lovely hairstyle.
  • This look can be edgy for the late 20s age group women for the stylish, trendy makeover.
  • Be it wavy or curly hair texture; this hair makeover can be a perfect match for you.

2. The Wavy Loose Hair Makeover:

The Wavy Loose Hair Makeover

If you are blessed with long thick hair, you can try this elegant loose hairstyle. With the loose hair around and waves created around the hair texture, we quite love this classy and versatile makeover. This hairstyle can be edgy, be it for party wear sarees or dresses or even lehengas. What do you think of this Indian reception hairstyles for long hair?

  • This look is good for women with oval, round, diamond, and heart face shape
  • Try this hairstyle for those in the early 30s age groups to look youthful.
  • This hairstyle can be perfect for wavy and straight hair textures.

3. The Edge Curls Hairstyle:

The Edge Curls Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, we brush and blow-dry the entire hair neatly, after which the curls and waves are only created at the edges. This Indian bridal hairstyles for reception gives a vintage and classy hairstyle trend and look, which is ideal for women who don’t want much of bold looks but prefer a mild yet mesmerizing tone.

  • Try this reception hairstyle for women with any face shape, as it can suit them all.
  • This lovely hair makeover can look edgy for women in the 30s age groups.
  • This amazing hairstyle will be good if you have straight or wavy hair texture.

4. The South Indian Traditional Bridal Hairstyle for Reception:

The South Indian Traditional Bridal Hairstyle For Reception

If your wedding reception is traditional and looks classy with rituals around, then you can try this bridal hairstyle. This is inspired by the south Indian makeover with sarees. With neat braid, adorned by hair accessories around, we quite love this timeless and charming look. What do you think about this one?

  • Try this hairstyle for women with oval and round face shapes.
  • This edgy bridal look can be ideal for women with any hair texture easily.
  • Women in the early to mid-20s can try out this traditional south Indian reception hairstyles for sarees easily.

5. The Indian Wedding Hairdo:

The Indian Wedding Hairdo

Hair buns and hairdos are among quite popular Indian looks so far. Many women prefer the bold and modern contemporary style it delivers effortlessly. We see here a side hairdo with the wavy hair texture and look. If you have a long frock and dresses for the reception, this hairdo can be ideal and a perfect match.

  • This hairstyle can be ideal for women with oval, oblong, and diamond face shapes.
  • Try this hair makeover if you are in the late 20s age groups.
  • Wavy hair texture can be a perfect and ideal fit for this look.

6. Braided Indian Hairstyle:

Braided Indian Hairstyle

The Indian braids are among the most versatile and lovely hairstyles in the whole world. You have several variants and looks within. This simple braid can be made a perfect wedding reception hairstyle in an easy and quick yet charming way. Just take your favorite floral hair accessories, make a messy puffy look and attach them neatly to the braid. The end result is truly amazing. Isn’t it?!

  • Women with oval and oblong faces can look amazing in this hairstyle.
  • Any hair texture can be ideal for creating such a lovely braid hairstyle for wedding receptions.
  • This hair look is versatile and can be good to go for women across any age group.

7. The Middle Parted Hairstyle Look:

The Middle Parted Hairstyle Look

This is another Bollywood inspired iconic hairstyle trend we have come across from generations together. Those women who love to look elegant and classy with the vintage hues and the conventional trendy yet western blended makeover, this can be quite an ideal one. With dense curls at ends and get the middle-parted style in the crown, we love this one. The best part is you can even try the same Indian reception hairstyles look if you have short hair too.

  • Women with any face shape and facial features can try this hairstyle effortlessly.
  • This edgy look can be ideal for women in the mid to end 20s age group.
  • Wavy and straight hair texture can be an apt and perfect fit in this look.

8. Rose Floral Hairstyle:

Rose Floral Hairstyle

We are gushing over this creative and artistic yet beautiful hairstyle. If you are sucker for these intricate hairstyle options, this wedding reception hairstyle inspired by rose petal looks is ideal. We love the mesmerizing makeover; although it takes time and patience to achieve this one with professional help, it is all worth it.

  • Women with heart, diamond and oval face shape can try this one out.
  • Wear this look for those women with wavy and straight hair texture.
  • This edgy look can be a perfect match for anyone in their 20s age group.

9. Puffy Fishtail Braid:

Puffy Fishtail Braid

This is among the most common wedding and bridal Indian hairstyles to try out. With the messy and puffy braided look and floral accessories and attachments added around, we quite love the pattern and overall appealing look. This is edgy, sleek and also gives a vintage and classic hues around. What do you think of this one? Be it lehengas or dresses; this one can go with several outfits.

  • Try this hairstyle for women with oval and oblong face shapes.
  • This edgy look can be perfect for women from mid to the end of the 20s age group.
  • Be it wavy or curly; this hairstyle can be good to go with both hair textures.

10. Celebrity Inspired Braided Hairstyle:

Celebrity Insired Braided Hairstyle

Let us not forget how well the celebrities have adorned reception and party hairstyles. This lady superstar, Nayanthara, has nailed the messy braided look with the long frock. We are in awe of her tastes. With the contemporary and chic appearance, and mesmerizing appeal, we quite love this one. Isn’t it cool? This is also an ideal hairstyle for Indian wedding dinners and events.

  • Those with long and oval face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This edgy appearance can be perfect for women in the late 20s and the 30s age group to look stylish and classy.
  • Women who have wavy and curly hair texture can be perfect to go.

11. Curled Up Bun:

curled up bun

A curled up bun can be a good choice for a reception hairstyle choice. This style can be done well with the help of lots of hair styling products and the touch of creativity from the hands of a good professional hairstylist. You alone cannot do this hairstyle alone. It will require helping hands. You can sport this look when you have sported a braided hairstyle for the wedding. If you are a guest at the wedding or reception then also you can sport this hair look. This can go good for almost all types of outfit. It will also give the illusion of a taller you if you are short heighted. The high bun you make the taller you will look.

12. Curly Half Up Half Down Hair:

A half up and half down curly bun hairstyle can be good for the reception party. You will need a professional hairstylist for this.

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13. Short Curly Hair:

Indian reception hairstyles 3

If you pinned your hair in a bun at the back for your wedding, then for the reception let your medium or short bob loose. Create some curls with a curler and use some hairspray to keep these going for long and to maintain the style throughout the party.

14. Wavy Hair:

Indian reception hairstyles 4

Wavy hair never goes out of fashion. You can sport a loose wavy hairstyle like this one for your reception. This will go good with almost any type of outfit.

15. Wavy Perm Hair:


A  long wavy hair can be really good when you want a reception style hairstyle. The more your head gear sparkles the more stylish your hair will look.