30 Best Trending Leather Jackets For Men

Leather Jackets – these versatile garments are a must addition to every man’s wardrobe.

Leather Jackets for Men:

The notable and distinguishing features of gents leather jackets are as follows.

  • You can find leather jackets in different colours and types. The most common colours include black, red, grey, and white.
  • The jackets can be available in pure leather, mostly found in useful and popular brands.
  • The leather jackets come in different fit patterns, from relaxed to slim fit and regular too.
  • One can wear jackets for different occasions and can find specialized jackets depending on your necessities too. You may easily find winter jackets, biker jackets, racer jackets, bomber jackets, casual plus on/add-ons, officer jackets, and so on.

Things to Remember When Buying Leather Jackets:

While there are several types and patterns in these men’s leather jacket fashion going around, it is vital to keep in mind a few essentials before you go ahead in purchasing the perfect one for yourself.

  • Assess your body type. Go ahead for a perfect fit. The jacket gets the best impression if it fits right.
  • Think about the right occasion. Are you purchasing a jacket for something specific? Go ahead and choose accordingly – biker or sports purpose, a silhouette to add on, or vacation, etc.
  • Choose the right colour. If you are a fashion enthusiast, well, you can go ahead and keep multiple colours in your wardrobe. But perfect and right colour pick for the right time is required. Assess your looks, preferences, personality, and decide upon.
  • Work on the right length of the jacket. Check if you are tall in person, you can go even for longer or shorter jackets, but if you are a medium height person, go with right medium length.

Best Men’s Designer Leather Jackets With Images:

Check out some more latest models in real leather jacket models for men.

1. Casual Brown Paneled Leather Jacket for Men:

Casual Brown Paneled Leather Jacket For Men


If you want a rough and smart contemporary feel, this textured panelled brown leather jacket may be the right choice. With zip closure, button closure near the neck, and panels around the side, the entire look of the piece looks trendy and unique. The latest patterns are embedded in this piece and give an elegant and elevated feel too.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Brown textured panelled leather jacket with full sleeves
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties
  • Preferred Body Type: Athletic and thin
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black pants and jeans

2. Men’s Black and Maroon Solid Designer Leather Jacket:

Men’s Black And Maroon Solid Designer Leather Jacket


Have you ever come across a jacket with patchworks, tabs and detailing in men’s range? This all-new Strop brand’s leather jacket looks no less than a designer wear piece. With the colour block and detailing near the sides, tabs near the shoulders, the entire piece looks unique and as a trendsetter. If you have an eye for unique and fashionable latest pieces, this is must-have in the wardrobe.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Maroon and black leather jacket with full sleeves, shoulder tabs and detailing
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties, special events
  • Preferred Body Type: Athletic and muscular, rectangular
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: White pants

3. Men’s Black and White Striped Leather Jacket:

Men’s Black And White Striped Leather Jacket


Do you know there are contemporary and easy light wear leather jackets too? Especially for those fun-loving men, who love easy yet edgy looks, here is the one. This black solid leather jacket with white detaining in stripes near sleeves looks stylish and very modern in its look. With zip closure and stand collar, it is for those men who are in search of cool and smarter eventful looks.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black and white striped leather jacket with full sleeves
  • Fabric: Leather and polyester
  • Fit Type: Regular fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties
  • Preferred Body Type: Athletic, lean and body built
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Blue jeans

4. US Polo Navy Blue Reversible Leather Jacket:

Us Polo Navy Blue Reversible Leather Jacket


If you love multi-purpose and multi-look wear, this reversible blue and grey US polo’s leather jacket will be your absolute favourite. Be it for casual occasions, parties or even winter wear, this stylish and extremely trendy unique piece is all about utility and style statement blended. With single-colour solid look and yet charming feels, all the smart guys must have this in their collection.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Reversible blue and grey US Polo full sleeve jacket
  • Fabric: Viscose and leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Winter wear, parties
  • Preferred Body Type: Anyone
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: White pants

5. Men’s Red Solid Leather Jacket for Sports and Winter:

Men’s Red Solid Leather Jacket For Sports And Winter


In case you like bright looks and contemporary hues, this red, bright coloured jacket with black detailing around as stripes can be your favourite. This youthful-looking jacket is extremely comfortable and looks sporty too. It is ideal for men who prefers light looks, yet with dense style and fashion statement and with longer wear hours.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Red full sleeve jacket with black stripes
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Fit Type: Slim fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Winters, events, biking
  • Preferred Body Type: Muscular, oval and rectangular
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black jeans

6. Blue Sports Leather Jacket for Men:

Blue Sports Leather Jacket For Men


This super stylish blue sports leather jacket looks stunning and completely out of a dream. If you are fond of cool and sportive looks and prefer such smart trends all across, this jacket which comes with zip closure and zip pockets, along with printed design near the sides and back, can be a perfect fit for you. It has five workable zips which get an added advantage for special occasions too.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Blue solid sports leather jacket with full sleeves
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Fit Type: Regular fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Sports and events
  • Preferred Body Type: Thin, athletic and tall men
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Faded grey or black jeans

7. Panelled Zip-Front Black Leather Biker Jacket for Men:

Panelled Zip Front Black Leather Biker Jacket For Men


You may have come across several black leather jackets, but this special biker jacket has its own unique place. It comes with notch lapel and complete zip front adding trendy and sportive athletic look to it charmingly. With a trendy pattern near the sides and hemline, the overall look is entirely stylish and contemporary too.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black biker jacket with notch lapel and full sleeves
  • Fabric: Faux leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Biker wear
  • Preferred Body Type: Anyone
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black jeans

8. Olive Green Unlined Faux Leather Jacket for Men:

Olive Green Unlined Faux Leather Jacket For Men


If you are fond of bright looks, this olive green casual and everyday leather jacket can be your perfect choice. With zip closure, it has buttons near the stand collar with two zip pockets too. The entire look enhances up to a bold and handsome smart style, along with comfortable wear. Add on this casual wear to even rock on style statement on your regular basis.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Olive green unlined leather casual jacket with full sleeves
  • Fabric: Faux leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual wear
  • Preferred Body Type: Thin, muscular, athletic
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Printed beige or grey pants

9. Faux Leather Biker Jacket with Insert Pockets:

Faux Leather Biker Jacket With Insert Pockets


If you are looking for something not very expensive, and within budget, then this Duke’s grey zip-front biker jacket is the right choice. Without burning a hole in your pocket, it can deliver an extremely modern and contemporary style statement in natural trendy appearance. It has insert pockets and casual zipped up look, yet ideal for your everyday requirements and needs.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Grey biker jacket with insert pockets and full sleeves
  • Fabric: Faux leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Regular outings, bike drives in trips
  • Preferred Body Type: Anyone, from thin, muscular and plus size
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Grey or black jeans

10. Men’s Tan-Brown Solid Biker Jacket:

Men’s Tan Brown Solid Biker Jacket


We understand if you are not into casual colours such as black, blue or grey. Then this tan-brown vintage-looking classy leather jacket can be apt fit. With an old-school classic feels and perfect fit, this leather jacket comes with zip pockets and a zip front with buttoned closure near the neck. The entire look is something very casual and everyday style statement, yet adding a bit of sass and elegance into it.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Tan-brown biker jacket with full sleeves
  • Fabric: Nylon and leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Long sleeves
  • Preferred Body Type: medium and plus size
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Blue jeans

11. Levis Biker Leather Jacket:

Levis Biker Leather Jacket


Levis is an already well-known brand for supreme quality and fashion wear. Do you know Levis jackets are among the best selling ones in the market today? This burgundy leather biker jacket comes with a stand collar and zip closure. With full sleeves and supreme look in its elegance, this jacket is for all those men who love to wear fancy sportive wear.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Burgundy red biker jacket with full sleeves
  • Fabric: Viscose
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Short road trip vacations, outings
  • Preferred Body Type: Atheltic, rectangular body
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Black jeans

12. Justanned Black Leather Jacket with Hood:

Justanned Black Leather Jacket With Hood


If you love black and prefer the timeless evergreen look, nothing better than going for a black solid leather jacket. This one comes with a hood and two pockets, along with zip closure. With good quality and extreme comfort, you can now transform your everyday casual style into smarter and cool looks effortlessly with this hooded jacket.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black leather jacket with a hood and long sleeve
  • Fabric: Leather pure
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual outings, parties
  • Preferred Body Type: Muscular, athletic body
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Blue jeans

13. Superdry Paneled Leather Jacket:

Superdry Paneled Leather Jacket


If you haven’t come across the brand Superdry, it is the time you should! This expensive high-end brand gives the world’s utmost sense of style, fashion, and quality with its long-lasting garments. This one such black panelled leather jacket is here. With all zip jackets and panelled look, men who love sporting the plush, luxurious look should have this in their collection. This also is from their pure leatherwear collection.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Panelled black leather jacket with zip pockets and long sleeves
  • Fabric: Pure leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Biking, sports, trips
  • Preferred Body Type: Rectangular, muscular, large
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Grey or black pants

14. Tommy Hilfiger Branded Leather Brown Jacket:

Tommy Hilfiger Branded Leather Brown Jacket


Another trendy brand, Tommy Hilfiger, is with its stunning black solid jacket variants. With three pockets and zip closure, this mock collar jacket has a unique design trend and gives a versatile best look for men who are in search of styles for casual outings or special timings. One can instantly elevate the smart looks in this piece effortlessly.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Black solid jacket with zip closure and long sleeves
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual events, dinners, date nights
  • Preferred Body Type: Anybody size
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Faded blue jeans

15. Showoff Blue Leather Solid Jacket with Print:

Showoff Blue Leather Solid Jacket With Print


If you aren’t much fond of solid plain jackets, here is a leather variant in camouflage prints. This blue and the black slim-fit jacket looks super stylish and make anyone wear it appear handsome and stunning. It has zip closure pockets and gives a fancy youthful look effortlessly. It comes in both blue and brown colours.

  • Jacket Pattern and Sleeve Design: Blue and black printed solid jacket with full sleeves
  • Fabric: Leather and viscose
  • Fit Type: Slim fit
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties
  • Preferred Body Type: Thin and athletic
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans

16. Parklees White Leather Jacket Men’s:

Looking for a regal leather jacket? What can look better than a real white biker jacket from Parkless? This slim-fit leather jacket comes with a turndown collar and zipper. It has a broadcloth fabric inside for comfort and the shoulders are embellished with leather pintucks.

17. Blue Leather Jacket:

This manly looking Navy blue Leather Jacket can get you ready for the much-awaited road trip with your guy gang. The bikers model comes with side zippers and turn-down collars. It is best for autumn and chilly winters to break the wind.

18. Maroon Leather Jacket Men’s:

This real sheepskin maroon leather jacket comes with a quilted lining and a shirt styled collar. This unique design has a burnishing finish and has straps for the adjustable waistline. Want to add a cowboy look to your outfit? Just wear this jacket and you are ready for some guns and roses!

19. Green Leather Jacket Men’s:

This olive green leather bomber jacket can make heads turn towards you. This unique colour in a sleek look can make you look like a million bucks. It has a stretchable hem on the waist and wrists and is perfect on any outfit.

20. Blue Leather Jacket Men’s:

Wish to look easy-breezy for a casual trip? This light blue leather jacket makes you look amazing on a chilly, windy day. It comes with a sweater cloth on the collar and wrists for extra support and warmth.

21. Maison Martin Margiela Black Matte Leather Jacket:

Maison Martin Margiela Black Matte Leather Jacket

The Leather jackets are all glossy plus sleek, correct? Not the Maison Martin Margiela Black Matte Leather Jacket, that offers an exclusive take on a wardrobe staple. It involves characteristic top-stitch; high-fashion clean styling plus best quality luxurious leather makes this humble leather jacket remarkably unique along with suitable for particular occasions in life. It is one of the simple and perfect leather jackets for men which give more comfort more than others.

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22. The Classic Leather Jacket:

The Classic Jacket

A classic outline in rich leather is geared just before the guy who wants to emit an elegant vibe. This slim-fitting jacket from Vince boasts a warm brown shade which you will carry everlastingly. Couple it by jeans plus a shirt as well as tie to further be astride the line stuck between dressed up plus dressed down.

23. Ranger Black Biker Men’s Leather Jacket:

Ranger Black Biker Mens Leather Jacket

The Ranger biker leather jacket is an uncommon jagged leather piece that equips the wearer by men of an ever-ready trendy appearance. This crop fashion biker is sewn in best buff leather for the crucial causal console. Embroidered by studs, zipper pockets, zipper closure, modifiable waist belt as well as bilateral surface shoe-lace bind ups give this jacket an exclusive appeal.

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24. Solid Shining Brown Leather Jacket:

Solid Brown Leather Jacket

Promote your layered look by brown leather jacket from Aditi Wasan. The kindness of leather is continually pulled together plus offers endless comfort. This season-round clip can work by everything in your wardrobe, might it be a crisp shirt plus trouser otherwise casual shirt and jeans combo. The stand-out mark of the Rick Owens Quilted Travel Leather Jacket is clear: a show-stealing diagonal zipper which runs from the bottom of the jacket to the apex of the collar.

25. The Bomber Jacket:

The Bomber Jacket

This wardrobe necessary from DKNY instantaneously adds style to every outfit—immediately checks out that popped collar. Maintain it simple beneath. An essential T-shirt plus fitted jeans let the jacket shine as the stand out piece. This will be your go-to for unleashing your inner James Dean. Most of the youth like this bomber leather jacket.

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26. Teakwood Solid Brown Leather Jacket:

Teakwood Solid Brown Leather Jacket

Achieve some edge by this brown coloured leather jacket from the house of Teakwood. No guy is supposed to be without this lightweight and utterly warm piece that is made using leather. Meant to last a lifetime, this piece will create you look smart no matter what you dress in it with.

27. Kosher Solid Camel Leather Jacket:

Kosher Solid Camel Leather Jacket

Put in a touch of definition to an otherwise solid look by this camel coloured leather jackets from the house of Kosher. No guy is supposed to be without this lightweight plus utterly warm piece which is made using leather. Compose the world be your fan as you don this truly eternal designer piece by a tee plus jeans. The look with blue denim jeans and this leather jacket for men is so beautiful.

28. Neil Barrett Leather Jacket:

Neil Barrett Leather Jacket

The Neil Barrett Leather Jacket appears like the leftovers of the fashion world: a mixture of whatever was leftover, terrified together. In this case, it’s herringbone, leather, double-breasted buttons, buckles, and faux-fur. Plus it looks overwhelming.

29. The Racer Jacket With Lather For Men:

The Racer Jacket

Combine a rock ‘n’ roll attitude by soft as silk leather, plus bam! Declaration made. The trim fit of this Rogue jacket delivers an edgy understanding of the classic biker style, plus the arm ridges emit the likely badass vibe—no helmet is essential.

30. Burberry Brit Doherty Belted Leather Jacket:

Burberry Brit Doherty Belted Leather Jacket

Burberry performs a great job of making jackets which go above plus further than the traditional leather jacket, similar to the Burberry Brit Doherty Belted Leather Jacket. Particular praise goes to the strap at the neck which matches the belt at the waist. You can wear this slim fit men’s leather jacket for any type functions and parties also.

How to Style Leather Jackets for Men: Tips and Ideas:

While the guys in leather jackets can invariably and effortlessly look handsome and cool, here are few hacks on the right styling.

  • Keep it minimal. Wear jackets underneath a t-shirt.
  • Pair them with sports pants or jeans, as per the occasion.
  • For the formal events, add on the formal collared jacket with formal pants. Rest assured, you can look smart.
  • A big dial watch can enhance the entire style statement. Coming to shoes, loafers, boots or sneakers can be edgy and contemporary.