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The first nib in the air is here and one can almost feel winters approaching. While for you and me, it might be a normal winter season but we know that so many brides are eagerly waiting for winters as they are all set to tie the knot. So, for all those brides who are having a winter wedding, get ready cuz we may have found some stupendous full sleeves blouse options for you to don. And, who knows maybe we might have just found the blouse of your dreams, ladies? 

Trending Full Sleeves Blouses For Brides

Boat Neck Blouses That’ll Wow You

The good thing about a full sleeves blouse is that you can play around with the neckline as to your liking. That’s why we say you pick a boat neck blouse which has all the details and design work happening around the neck area and your rest of the blouse can be plain and simple whether you pick a saree or a lehenga to pair it with just like these real brides did for their special day! 

Source Banga Studios

Shot by Delhi Velvet photography, Delhi

Embellished Blouses For The Ones Who Love To Dress Up

Looking for something dressier than what you usually wear? We say if you’re going after a formal look then opt for an embellished full sleeves blouse to go with your lehenga or your saree for your upcoming winter wedding, ladies. You can go with any colour but don’t forget to add embellishments or sequins to the blouse to amp it up! 

Outfit by Sabyasachi, Kolkata

Source Fatima Tariq Photography

Source Nimboo Photo

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Outfit by Sabyasachi, Kolkata

Source Sahil Kochhar

Outfit by Sabyasachi, Kolkata

Source Aslesh Kamat Photography

Shot by The White Box, Delhi

Source Weva Photography

Source Yoshita Couture

Source Vishal Sethi Photography

Source OShoot Collective

Source Palwasha Aminhas

Source Palwasha Minhas

Outfit by Sabyasachi, Kolkata

Shot by Sunny Dhiman Photography, Chandigarh

Shot by Deepika’s Deep Clicks, Chandigarh

Source Abhinav Mishra

Shot by Israni Photography, Mumbai

Shot by Israni Photography, Mumbai

Source Reynu Taandon

How Bout Those Net Blouses? 

Tight fitted net full sleeves blouses look great when your whole attire has a lot going on and you need one element to make it look perfect. For those outfits, we suggest that you opt for net blouses for one of the most special days of your life ladies. The best part about opting for net blouses? You will get the best fitting ever! 

Source Deo Studios

Source Hitched & Clicked

Source Manish Malhotra

Shot by Naman Verma Photography, Delhi

Outfit by Sabyasachi, Kolkata

Source Gaurav Gupta

Outfit by Sabyasachi, Kolkata

Plunging Neckline Full Sleeves Blouse 

Another blouse design that you can pick for your upcoming winter wedding is a sexy plunging neckline with full sleeves. Not only are you gonna be warm (thanks to the full sleeves) but you will also have that hot factor going on for your overall look (thanks to the plunging neckline). And if you want a thumbs up and a little motivation, we say you simply scroll below and check out these ladies who have pulled off the plunging neckline full sleeves blouses. 


Shot by Israni Photography, Mumbai

Say Yes To A Statement Full Sleeves Blouse

Statement blouses are so chic and stylish that every woman once in their life has wished to wear it. So, why not make that wish come true by picking a trending full sleeves statement blouse for your wedding day or for any of your wedding functions? This type of blouse looks exceptionally good and we promise you that once you scroll below, you’re definitely gonna get yourself a bustier blouse! 

Source Shades Photography India

Shot by Sabygraphy, Kolkata

Shot by Studio Kelly Photography, Delhi

Source OShoot Collective

Source Sonam Luthria

Shot by The Royal Affair, Ahmedabad

Off Shoulder Full Sleeves Blouses 

Off-shoulder has been in the spotlight since 2-3 years and for all the right reasons. You get to show off that beautiful collarbone and neck and if you plan on wearing a big set, then an off-shoulder full sleeves blouse is ideal for your upcoming winter wedding. No matter what the colour or design, there’s a certain charm about this blouse. Not many can pull off this look but those who are able to, look absolutely breathtaking. I mean, just look at these pretty ladies and you’d understand what we’re saying! 

Shot by Roma Ganesh Photography , Bangalore

Source OShoot Collective

Source Badal Raja Company

Source Gaurav Gupta

Source Shantanu & Nikhil

Source Melialucida