9 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India 2019

1. #Puma Wallets

puma wallets for men in india

The games mammoth makes sportswear and related embellishments for men. You just can’t turn out badly with a Puma wallet. Panther wallets are accessible in different styles, hues and structures. The main thing you need to remember is the style and the size that you might want to have. The strong material of these wallets can make them last longer until and except if you wish to feel free to transform them. It is the best men’s wallet image in India.

2. #Woodland Wallets

woodland wallets for men

You needn’t bother with any prologue to Woodland wallets. The brand is outstanding for their other stuff like shoes, belts and so on. Their wallets are a standout amongst the most selling items. The certifiable calfskin material that they use makes their wallets separated. It tends to be a style explanation, in the event that you convey a Woodland wallet. It makes you look tasteful as well as it likewise makes you feel that you are utilizing a wallet from a decent brand. They offer various structures like tri-folds and bi-folds, with the goal that you can pick the one that you like. The wide scope of sizes, costs, hues and the cowhide material is stunning to take a gander at. No doubt beyond any doubt there is a Woodland wallet for you. Because of the authentic calfskin material forest wallets last longer than the PU material handbags.

3. #Titan Wallets

titan wallets for men

Titan is a watch brand in India that is monstrously well known however they do have a wallet class from a similar brand. Much the same as Titan watches, their frill are likewise blockbusters in India. Interestingly, they are stash well disposed and can be as costly as you need. The slick structures look something that will allure you. The greater part of the structures are kept negligible and oversimplified. They are the most well known and solid wallet brands for men in India. The formal structure that they have is very alluring and looks tasteful.

4. #L​​​​e​​​​​vi’s Wallets

levi's wallets for men

Much the same as the Levis pants, Levis wallets are additionally a standout amongst the top rated wallets in Indian market. They have both oversimplified and in vogue plans in their scope of wallets. Levis wallets keep going actually long and comes in various hues matched with appealing structures like thin wallets. It is a standout amongst the most known and prevalent brands on the planet. The costs of these planner wallets isn’t high, it is in the span of the greater part of the general population.

5. #Peter England Wallets

peter england wallets for men

Dwindle England is a brand that is known for their formal garments for men. You can never turn out badly with the Peter England wallet. The tasteful multi shaded brand logo looks tempting. On the off chance that you don’t know, Peter England is an Indian brand under the Aditya Birla Group. They offer wide scope of plans and hues to suit your decision. The brand has taken off to the notoriety, since the last 2-3 decades and figure out how to wind up a standout amongst the best dress brands in India. The equivalent applies for their extras like wallets, belts and shoes for men. You can total your look by utilizing a wallet from this brand. It’ll make you look complex as well as tasteful. When you convey a wallet with a decent brand then it adds a ton to your identity.

6. #Tommy Hilfiger Wallets

tommy hilfiger wallets for men

You more likely than not had that furor of attempting Tommy Hilfiger items at a point in your life. Tommy Hilfiger is a universal brand that hails from US. It offers attire, footwear, outfitting, aromas and so forth. The attire brand is a blockbuster in United States. They got their own retail locations all over the world. However, you can likewise get these from our prevalent internet shopping destinations like Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart and so forth. Wallets that this brand makes have delightful plans and classy upper spread. You should claim a Tommy Hilfiger wallet at any rate once.

7. #Fossil Wallets

fossil wallets for men

Fossil isn’t only for purses and watches yet the brand additionally fabricates men’s wallets. Their wallets sell like hotcakes. The main drawback is that the brand is costly. The vast majority of the men won’t go overboard that a lot of sum on a wallet. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can, at that point, you can own Fossil wallets as an expression bit of extra for yourself. We totally love the hues and the certifiable calfskin that they use.

8. #Louis Philippe Wallets

Louis Philippe wallets for men

Presently on the off chance that you’re pondering it is a universal brand, at that point let us let you know, that it is that is under the Aditya Birla Group too. Truly it is! They offer quality formal dress for men and comparably their wallets are additionally something that you would love to have. That alluring logo looks amazingly great and tasteful. They have formal and easygoing styles of wallet can pick the one that you feel the best for you. The exceptional brand utilizes a top quality material additional sturdiness. The first rate quality talks about its class from each side of this wallet.

9. #Fastrack

fastrack wallets for men

You may have preferred the Fastrack shades, watches, knapsacks, sacks and travel bags for men. The wallets are of good quality offers a wide scope of determination. On the off chance that you purchase these items on the web, at that point, you can hope to get some great limits or attempt any Fastrack Store. The brand is very prevalent for men’s wallets.

10. #Wildhorn Wallets

wallets for men in india

This brand may not be as prevalent as different brands but rather in reality the items are entirely tough. The material that they use is durable. This Indian wallet brand for men has alluring structures. You can most likely get one for yourself that suits your prerequisite spending plan and inclination. The various compartments can be utilized to keep your cash Credit Debit cards and ID verification. The costs are additionally entirely reasonable.

11. #Hornbull Wallets

hornbull wallets for men

This brand is very notable however not in the same class as Woodland, Puma, Levi’s nevertheless yes the brand is truly prominent in India. HornBull wallet are entirely reasonable in costs for Indian men. Material, plan and the range that they offer is something to take a gander at. In the event that you searching for reasonable wallets for men, at that point to attempt this. The brand is accessible online effectively simply look at the structure that you like and put in your request.