9 Best Ideas For Long Hairstyle In Kerala

here is a list of not so complex Kerala hairstyles that you can opt for during your traditional occasions.

1. The Pinned up Bun:

kerela hairstyles for long hair1

Comb the hair thoroughly and back brush it. Once the hair is smoothened out, start segmenting your hair into different strands. You can start by curling your hair too if you have a curler handy. Now take the front portion of the hair and roll it into a tight bun and secure it with a tie. The strands underneath can now be rolled individually and pinned above the bun to add volume.

2. Puffed Braid:

kerela hairstyles for long hair2

We have always been a fan of extravagance and portraying the same is this simple styled braid hair. Section the hair from the top and re-section it into two parts. Now your top part of the hair has two sections. Use a bouffant to bump up the hair and use the other section to drape it across the puff. Continue with a long braid and accessorize heavily.

3. The High Bun:

kerela hairstyles for long hair3

For this look you need to scrunch or curl up your hair properly. Scrunches are typically your every day hair curls but with a little more intensity. Now that you have curled it all the way down, gather your hair and tie it in a loose bun. Make sure some strands are falling loosely to add volume.

4. The Front Puff:

kerela hairstyles for long hair4

This is a classic hairstyle that can be paired with both a bun and a braid. The trick is to back brush the front section of your hair. Now use lift the front of the hair and start teasing it with a hair brush or simply use bump it to add volume to the front. You can use a garland made of flowers at the end of the raised hair and continue.

5. The Side Bun:

kerela hairstyles for long hair5

An extremely classy hairstyle to opt for the side bun will get you the best of the stares in a wedding occasion. Use a flower or an embellishment to accessorize. Start by teasing the front and pinning it. Now pull the rest of the hair to your side and start rolling them into a bun.

6. The Heavy Accessories:

kerela hairstyles for long hair6

Always try to keep the hair fully accessorized. This is a very trendy hairstyle where the simplest of the hairstyle is incorporated with simple accessories to add a new look to it. Here the hair is tied in a braid with sparse rhythmic embellishments and a whole head of garlands.

7. The Front Roll:

kerela hairstyles for long hair7

This is quite an easy hairstyle where the ending is in a braid but it is the front of the hair that looks mesmerizing with a middle part and the two locks rolled and pinned back.

Kerala hairstyles for long hair

8. The French Braid:

This is a classic French styled braid that is incorporated with some traditional flavor, hence the flower garland on the top. The braid ends up just below the hair line with the rest of the hair freely falling.

9. The Loose Braid:

kerela hairstyles for long hair9

This is a perfect hairstyle for the lazy afternoons. The braid is done up in a loose way with soft loose strands of hair.