Top 10 New Latest Blouse Designs

1. Butterfly Sleeve Blouse For Saree:

Butterfly Sleeve Blouse For Saree

Flutter like a beautiful butterfly in this lovely peach colour stylish blouse design. The elegantly done blouse is made to look dramatic with the butterfly sleeves. To get the best of the look, always go for a light, flowing fabric to create that fluid effect on your sleeves. Pair it with any cocktail saree to look like a million bucks!

  • Blouse Design: Peach and Gold Butterfly Sleeve Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Chiffon
  • Can be Worn With: Plain or Light Embroidered Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Broad Shouldered Women

2. High-Low Blouse For Saree:

High Low Blouse For Saree

There is no dearth of creativity in designing blouses. This pink Brocade silk blouse is a perfect example. It is inspired by the Kimono style of the Japanese, with an Indian touch. The overlap style blouse has a high low cut on the waist to grab the attention of your onlookers!

  • Blouse Design: Pink Brocade Silk High Low Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Brocade Silk
  • Can be Worn With: Kanjeevarams, Cotton and even Netted Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Medium Bust With Curvy Waist

3. Lace Blouse:

Lace Blouse

Black is always beautiful! Especially when it is given an edgy and bold look like this lace blouse, words fall short to describe the beauty! This delicate look blouse is designed in a lace material that is adorned with subtle thread embroidery all over. Wear it to date night and get ready to woo your man!

  • Blouse Design: Black Netted Lace Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Net
  • Can be Worn With: Net or Chiffon Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Fuller Looking Women

4. Cropped Blouse:

Cropped Blouse

Who says Crop tops are meant to be worn only with skirts? Look edgy by pairing this cute cropped blouse with a simple saree. The blouse is embellished heavily with sequin and thread work to complement the dullness of the saree. It comes with a front button panel and cap sleeves for a comfy and chic look.

  • Blouse Design: Light Pink Embellished Cropped Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Georgette
  • Can be Worn With: Plain Chiffon or Crepe Saree
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite Women

5. Draped Blouse:

Draped Blouse

If you thought draping is only for sarees, you are mistaken! The latest trend in the market is to wear draped blouses. The blouse piece is draped in different creative patterns like this one to give you a sophisticated, modern look. However, it takes a lot of finesse to achieve the right fit and definition.

  • Blouse Design: Golden Brown Ikat Draped Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Silk
  • Can be Worn With: Flowing, Plain Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Curvy, Athletic Bodies

6. Panelled Blouse:

Panelled Blouse

Here is a breathtakingly beautiful Panelled blouse. The Vintage blouse is added with panels of Kutch and mirror embroidered fabric to give this stunning beauty. It creates an illusionary effect on the eyes and is sure to grab all the attention you deserve. Pair it with a simple saree to elevate this blouse.

  • Blouse Design: Black Designer Panelled Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Georgette
  • Can be Worn With: Plain, Simple sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Small Busted Women

7. Graphic Print Blouse:

Graphic Print Blouse

If you have tons of plain sarees in wardrobe, this blouse is worth an investment. The multi-coloured graphic printed blouse grabs your attention with its geometric patterns. It matches almost any coloured saree with ease. Pair it with some German silver accessories to look like a Desi diva!

  • Blouse Design: Multi ColoredGraphic Printed Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Poly Cotton
  • Can be Worn With: Plain, Simple sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Medium Busted, Small Busted and Petite Women

8. Mandarin Blouse:

Mandarin Blouse

Mandarin collar blouses are the latest vogue this season. Along with giving you an aristocratic look, Mandarin collars can also conceal your long necks. Seen here is an Asian inspired embroidery done on an orange silk blouse. Its look is further elevated with a unique match with a black polka dot saree!

  • Blouse Design: Orange and Teal Blue Mandarin Collared Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Silk
  • Can be Worn With: Plain, Printed Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Petite, Long-Necked Women

9. Criss Cross Blouse For Saree:

Criss Cross Blouse For Saree

Criss cross blouses never go out of the fashion scene. This retro-inspired style is sure to add a whole lot of fun, along with an element of glamour to your look. Seen here is a shiny pink high neck blouse with a criss-cross woven pattern on the back. A series of studded buttons adorn the centre of your back.

  • Blouse Design: Pink Criss Cross Back Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Chinon
  • Can be Worn With: Netted, Light Embroidered Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Full looking Women

10. Jewel Neck Blouse:

Jewel Neck Blouse

Why wear a separate necklace, when you can get one embellished on your blouse? Jewel neck blouses are the latest trend in the market. This popular blouse design comes with heavy stone, crystal or golden thread work on the neckline to imitate a real statement jewel. Invest in a pair of matching earrings and you are sorted for the evening!

  • Blouse Design: Baby Pink Jewel Neck Blouse
  • Fabric Used: Raw Silk
  • Can be Worn With: Netted or Light Weight Sarees
  • Suitable Body Type: Broad Shouldered Women