What are common scams in India?

Do you guys remember this legendary candy? HERE

After all the inflation over all these years, the above pack still retails for 2Rs(It did 2–3 years back for sure. Haven’t seen this anywhere since)

The scamsters aren’t them though. It is the shopkeepers you find at railway stations.

We all know the above bottle retails at Rs 15. So mostly while buying these, people would give the shopkeeper 20 rs or some higher denomination notes. And shopkeepers being shopkeepers, are somehow always out of coins, and would often give candies. Well, that isnt the scam actually. The thing is they give the above pack of poppins for 5 Rs. And it being so big in size, people believe it must be 5 Rs and don’t even check the MRP.

So this way they are looting everyone who buys bottles from them. It might seem like a very small amount to some people, but think how much is the shopkeeper looting from us

Suppose just 100 people buy bottles from them(the number considered is the bare minimum, and during peak season times, it might easily go 5 times above this)

So, 3×100=300 rs per day, that is equal to 9000rs per month(remember this is all above the general profits they make)

So please check the MRP of anything and everything before buying it, no matter how much seems justifiable to you!