What is the biggest scam that every Indian must be aware of?

exchange😊 Here is an anecdote which an Army man told me. Generally army soldiers in India have a very transparent personality. They are taught to repose trust in their superiors, their comrades unquestioningly. This trusting nature makes them susceptible to con men in trains.

This soldier was travelling from Hyderabad to Delhi . Those days the trains were slower.

A stranger came and struck a conversation with this Army man. Nothing unusual.

In a couple of hours they were chatting away and playing cards . The stranger took out a pack of cigarettes which had only two cigarettes in it. he offered one to the Army man who politely refused. Our soldier noticed that the man was smoking the same brand of cigarette which he was carrying in his pocket.

The stranger requested our soldier to keep the one last cigarette in his pack for safe keeping . The soldier took the cigarette and placed it in his packet.

Now our soldier was alert because he smelt something fishy about this other passenger.

they kept on gossiping ate their food played cards and so on .

Through out the journey our soldier kept smoking his cigarettes from his pack with that one cigarette of the stranger in it untouched.

finally they reached Delhi. Now the stranger asked the soldier

“You did not smoke the cigarette which I gave you despite the fact that all the cigarettes were identical?”

“I knew the cigarette you gave was drugged. now confess that you were planning to rob me”.

“First you tell me how you avoided the cigarette.”

The soldier showed him the mark which he made on the drugged cigarette with his thumb nail.

The stranger tore the cigarette and showed the two very small tablets in it.

They both parted a little wiser .

P S: All pics are sourced from google.

Smoking in a train is an offence